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Why IKEA is a good choice.


If you’ve ever visited an IKEA store, you’ve probably walked out of there thinking, “What a cool place. I love the looks.” Indeed, IKEA is known for stylish and affordable furniture that can really liven up rooms while also being quite functional.

There are several reasons why IKEA furniture is a good choice.

Quality products at an affordable price

First, for the price you won’t find higher quality products than what they offer. Because IKEA is a smart company with everything organized in such a way as to keep costs down, their items are kept affordable to the average person. This is known as “economy of scale” at its best.

Next, it’s nice to know some IKEA products are cheap, and not in a bad way. Not everyone can afford super expensive furniture, so IKEA has different options available. You can get something basic for a low price. If you want better quality and durability, then you can upgrade to an alternate version of what you’re interested in for a little more money. Generally, IKEA stocks items of good quality at a fair price, with some higher quality items at higher prices for those interested.

Flat packing makes a difference

What sets IKEA apart from its competition is the process known as “flat packing.” Instead of having huge boxes taking up lots of space in their stores, things are packed in such a way that their boxes are relatively flat. By utilizing the flat packing process, IKEA can move and/or store large quantities of products cheaply, passing that savings on to the consumer.

A green company

Before other companies got “green,” IKEA was (and is) focused on eliminating waste. Take, for example, when the designers of the EKTORP sofa figured out a way to package it more compactly. This adjustment took $135 off the price tag of the sofa, reduced the size to store the boxes of this particular sofa in store, and significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions associated with transporting it. Do some research and you’ll find that IKEA is an environmentally-friendly company.

Long lasting stuff

If and when IKEA furniture is assembled properly, it can last a long time. Some companies besides IKEA make furniture that’s known to be cheap in quality. Something as simple as not screwing screws tight enough can cause their stuff to easily fall apart. IKEA, however, has built a reputation of quality furniture that’s affordable and long-lasting.

Smartly, IKEA provides a 10 year warranty on wardrobes and a 25 year warranty on kitchens. Take some time to read about their warranties online and you’ll be impressed to see that IKEA stands by its products.

IKEA is versatile

One of the reasons IKEA is known for good furniture is how their design, which is highly versatile, makes it so their items can fit into smaller spaces. Apartment dwellers in big cities like New York especially love this aspect. Utilizing sliding features to reduce space, IKEA makes the most and best use of the space its items occupy.

IKEA is configurable

On a related note, IKEA products are popular because they’re typically built on modular design principles. This means they’re highly configurable pieces whereas you can make your own combinations regarding colors, finish and shape. From kids’ furniture to cabinets, the idea of modular, configurable furniture pieces helps set IKEA apart from competition.

Do it yourself assembly?

With all these good aspects of IKEA, is there any downside? Well, since most furniture items come packed flat in a box, assembling them at home can be a challenge. Sometimes their assembly instructions are hard to understand. Plus, there can be a bunch of pieces to put together with screws and more -- quite confusing to the average person.

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