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What IKEA products do New Yorkers buy the most?


Here at Perfect Assembly, we’ve been taking care of IKEA delivery and shopping for a while and have discovered that there are certain products New Yorkers absolutely love. Over the past few years we’ve been collecting statistics on the shopping habits of our customers and think we’ve cracked the code for the perfect IKEA product.

MALM Series

First up is the MALM series; we don’t go a day without seeing one of the following: the MALM bed frame, 6-drawer dresser, and the 2-drawer. It’s probably the most widely popular IKEA product we work with and makes up about 50% of our orders! The MALM series has got competition; from the cheaper BRIMNES and fancier HEMNES. They represent two ends of the quality and price spectrum.


The BRIMNES series leads with a very successful product: the BRIMNES Storage bed. In the typically small apartments of NYC, it is a particularly good space saver and can do the job of a chest of drawers. BRIMNES wardrobes are very popular, but the dressers and nightstands are much less popular; with customers opting for the competing MALM and HEMNES dressers. The bed frame is popular too despite BRIMNES being a generally cheaper brand, especially with student that buy the more rugged BRIMNES dressers and wardrobe as an affordable options which serves their needs in shorter term dorm rooms and apartments only rented for a year.


On the subject of students, the MICKE brand desk is by far and away the most popular. The hundreds of college undergraduates studying everywhere from NYU to Columbia can’t get enough of the affordable desk, and nor can many young professionals.


The other competitor is the HEMNES series of products. These are made out of solid wood to look both sturdier and fancier. They’re a little pricier than their main competitors MALM and BRIMENS but are clearly built to last.

KALLAX Shelving units

We’ve got a few more honourable mentions; IKEA items that crop up time and again and often represent the best of their respective ranges. The KALLAX shelving unit might as well be IKEA’s logo – it’s been around for so long it’s even had a name change (it used to be EXPEDIT) and keeps customers coming back time after time.

PAX Wardrobe

The PAX wardrobe is a solid product, and we don’t just mean according to sales figures. It is the most customizable piece IKEA carry and is incredibly versatile offering a number of possible colours and styles. It is an absolute must for those looking to settle down in their apartment, with many opting for the mirrored sliding doors to ensure the wardrobe doesn’t just look great, but can also fit more stuff in!

FRIHETEN Corner sofa

Our final popular product is the corner sofa FRIHETEN; a convertible sofa bed which also boasts storage and a stylish design. Unless you’re Bill Gates, you’re unlikely to have a guest room in your NYC apartment so it’s no wonder this all-time favourite is snapped-up by decorating-savvy New Yorkers who want function and fashion.