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Top 7 IKEA’s most hardest pieces to assemble


IKEA, you are loved by so many, but here’s the deal: some of your stuff is hard to assemble! That said, here are the Top 7 IKEA pieces that can cause much frustration:

#7 HEMNES Dresser

The HEMNES 8-drawer dresser looks great in a picture, but the picture-only assembly instructions show more than 40 steps to get this thing put together so you’ll have a place to store your shirts, socks and undies.

Complexity: 5.5/10
People required:
Time required: 2.5 hours

#6 BRIMNES Storage bed

Storage beds may offer 4 large drawers giving you extra storage space under the bed, but realize they need several pieces to work well, and when buying in person, you need to pick up both a SKORVA midbeam and the slatted bed base separately. In other words, these beds require several boxes of stuff.

Complexity: 6.0/10
People required:
Time required: 3 hours

#5 BRIMNES Daybed

The BRIMNES day bed frame with 2 drawers may look simple and easy to assemble, but the assembly instructions, available in pdf form on the IKEA website, take up a whopping 32 pages.

Complexity: 7.0/10
People required:
Time required: 3.5 hours

#4 STUVA Loft bed

The STUVA loft bed with 4 drawers and 2 doors includes a desk, wardrobe and open shelf space, and like a puzzle, it will take quite some time to figure out how all the different pieces fit together before you’d want a kid using it.

Complexity: 8.0/10
People required:
Time required: 4.5 hours

#3 KVARTAL Track system

IKEA’s KVARTAL ceiling mounted curtains get complicated requiring two people, a drill, ladder, ruler, laser level and saw (to cut rails to size) making you wonder, “Should I hire a professional for this?”

Complexity: 8.5/10
People required:
Time required: 2 hours

#2 BESTA Wall mounted unit

The BESTÅ TV storage unit is huge, taking up a typical wall in a typical room. It includes glass doors and a high gloss finish, so you’d have to treat it with extra special care. Make sure to level it and secure it to the wall so it doesn’t fall forward or down.

Complexity: 9.0/10
People required:
Time required: 4 hours

#1 PAX Wardrobe

And the hardest IKEA piece to assemble is...The PAX wardrobe, which comes in gigantic 7-foot tall boxes. With more than 150 parts, including sliding doors (good luck with those), this one will take quite a while to assemble, especially with its numerous drawers and pullout trays. A lot of people love the idea of owning the PAX wardrobe, but the thought of putting it together themselves? Not as appealing.

Complexity: 9.5/10
People required:
Time required: 4 hours


IKEA furniture and household items may look sleek, simple and sophisticated, but they can be confusing and time-consuming to assemble. If you’re like most people, it’s easier to have a professional assembler put stuff together, right? Yes!