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IKEA PAX Wardrobe Installation

Get Professional Assembly of your New PAX Wardrobe

Typical PAX Wardrobe looks great when it’s assembled — but putting it together for the first time can be a frustrating nightmare that may even come to a halt halfway through… and where did that screw go?

IKEA’s furniture is inexpensive, versatile and ideal for the modern home — it’s no wonder that New Yorkers love this stylish furniture.

There’s just one problem…

…somehow, you’ve got to assemble this pile of deconstructed bits and pieces with only a confusing assembly instruction to hand. Get it wrong, and your wardrobe may look nothing like it did out on the showroom floor, but more like a quirky art installation that may just fall to pieces if you dare to touch it.

Worse yet, you may accidentally damage it… and there’s always that one little, yet essential piece of the wardrobe jigsaw puzzle that mysteriously vanishes, never to be seen again.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Stop tearing your hair out and assemble your IKEA PAX wardrobe the easy way!

It’s Time to Call in New York’s Professional IKEA PAX Wardrobe Assembly Team

At Perfect Assembly, we do nothing but assemble and install IKEA furniture all day long, giving you showroom-perfect IKEA PAX wardrobes with no hassle or fuss—all with a simple flat rate competitive quote and scheduling to match your busy lifestyle.

Enjoy the Perfect Assembly Difference!

No more lost pieces. No more confusion over diagrams. No more searching for the right tool. No more accidents. With Perfect Assembly, there are simply no issues — just a perfectly assembled IKEA PAX wardrobe:

  • Fast assembly, done right the first time
  • Flexible service to meet your needs
  • Dependable team of seasoned assemblers
  • Essential and specialized tools used for efficient assembly
  • Peace of mind with our 90-day warranty
  • Simple flat rate fee covers our entire service

Our IKEA PAX wardrobe assembly serves the greater metro area of New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Our professional assemblers are on hand to visit you and assemble your wardrobe on the spot — or even purchase, deliver and assemble your new IKEA PAX wardrobe for extra convenience.

The PAX System, just like the BESTA System builds upon modular design. In its most basic form PAX wardrobe consists of a bare frame with a clothes rail inside. You can add KOMPLEMENT interior organizers to your wardrobe like shelves, drawers, pull-out trays, baskets and so on. Choose between hinged doors like TANEM or AULI mirror sliding doors.

Design your own configuration with IKEA's PAX wardrobe planning tool

Skip the stress, save your time and enjoy your new furniture the easy way. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote or to discover more about how our professional assembly team can help you install your IKEA PAX wardrobe the easy way!

What will your wardrobe be like?

With countless combinations possible, our team is always ready to examine closely your specific case and give you a custom free, no-obligaiton quote.