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IKEA Office Furniture

Professional Assembly of IKEA Office Furniture

IKEA office furniture offers practicality, modern looks and pleasant design. Not only does it make the modern office look elegant, it also raises productivity—but putting it together can be a frustrating time sink…

IKEA’s range of office furniture has been designed with all the needs of the modern office in mind. Not only is its design quietly elegant and professional, it also offers smart ways to clear up clutter as well as showcasing those ergonomic touches that boost productivity.

From drawer units and cabinets to swivel chairs and desks, it has never been easier to furnish an office so inexpensively. There’s just one catch: someone has to piece together all the furniture from its flat-pack state—and sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

IKEA’s GALANT storage series in particular can feel like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle due to useful extras such like a soft closing mechanism. In turn, this leads to fiddly construction that simply doesn’t look like it should because of one small misstep.

It’s frustrating, and it takes your staff away from your core business activities, which ultimately reduces your company’s productivity.

Add in multiple complex flat-pack items, and it’s going to be a long road to get your office looking as you envisioned it!

It’s time to call in the professionals for expert IKEA office furniture assembly

At Perfect Assembly, we do nothing but assemble and install IKEA flat-pack furniture all day long. Swivel chairs, adjustable work desks and cabinets are our specialty—and we get it right first time for that showroom office look you dream of.

Furthermore, we can even save you more time by picking up and delivering your new office furniture straight to your doorstep from IKEA. Our customizable service comes with one convenient flat rate quote so you know exactly where you stand.

We do our business so you can do yours

Our bywords are convenience and reliability. Our IKEA office furniture assembly team can pick up, deliver, assemble and install your new furniture all on the same day: We build your office as your employees focus on building your business.

Unlike IKEA’s delivery service, we work for you and aim to make your customer experience as smooth as possible with shorter delivery windows and a speedy assembly service that comes from years of experience.

Delivery was on time, communications were fast and clear, and assembly was fast and accurate. Highly recommended!
— Yiran, Manhattan

We serve the greater metro area of New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. It’s time to upgrade your office the easy way: contact Perfect Assembly today for your free, no-obligation quote or find out more about how our team can help you to create your dream office with IKEA office furniture!