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IKEA Dressers & Chests Assembly

Professional IKEA Dressers & Chests Assembly

No matter how many closets you may have, there’s nothing that beats a beautiful, big-bodied dresser or clothing chest to keep your things neatly organized. And there’s no bigger and better variety for these two great home features than the ones you’ll find at IKEA.

At Perfect Assembly, we want to ensure you get the ideal combination of chests, drawers, shelving, custom doors and wardrobe pieces; everything you need to create the perfect storage system suited to your room layout, personal style or specific needs.

MALM, BRIMNES, HEMNES, STUVA series and more

We provide a wide range of purchase, delivery and assembly options on any IKEA dressers and chests product line that you desire.

For example, we can assemble popular and time-tested MALM chests and dressers — from 2-drawer chests to 6-drawer dressers — with their simple, clean look that’s efficient and minimalistic.

We also love working with HEMNES dressers made of heavy, solid wood that’s sturdy, durable and can stand the test of time. These pieces offer a luxurious style at a price point that’s unheard of.

And we can help with the STUVA line made especially for children, with their endless array of unique loft beds, changing tables, cribs and unique drawer and cabinet combinations.

Professional IKEA Assembly

As beautiful as IKEA furniture is, it can be tough to assemble correctly. That’s why our highly-experienced team can order, select, deliver and install all of your favorite IKEA pieces quickly and to perfect standards.

From our IKEA dressers and chests assembly, to any of our wide range of additional services, we can ensure that what you see in the picture is what you’re enjoying when it’s sitting beside your bed, holding your personal clothing, or storing those winter blankets in the spare room.

Please contact us today if you’d like more information about our services, pricing or IKEA furniture and we’d be happy to help. If you have specific questions regarding any portion of your upcoming furniture projects, we’re happy to give you a FREE, transparent quote so you can budget and plan ahead.