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IKEA Delivery Service Alternative

IKEA Delivery Alternative in NYC

We make it EASY to buy any product from ikea.com!

Perfect Assembly Inc offers premier services for shopping, delivery and assembly of IKEA furniture in New York City.
We pick up and deliver ikea items of all shapes and sizes. No need to go to the store, lift heavy boxes or wait in the checkout line, simply shop online and enjoy!
Order size Delivery cost
Small (up to $500, up to 10 items) $129
Average (up to $1000, up to 20 items) $179
Large (up to $1500, up to 30 items) $199
Larger orders $249+
NOTE: Tolls are included in the service price.

Save Money When You Pay with Cash or Check.

If you use a credit card to pay for your purchase, your credit card issuer and the payment system (VISA, Mastercard) will eat up a 3% portion of the transaction. Use cash or a personal check and you won't have to pay this fee.

Pay Upon Delivery.

When you have all your furniture delivered and assembled to your liking, our technician will process the payment.
You also get to keep the original receipt from the ikea store.
Unloading ikea delivery from a van
Perfect Assembly Team delivering ikea furniture to Brooklyn apartment
Ikea Home Delivery

Benefits to Our IKEA Delivery Service:

  • Simple Flat Rate. No hidden fees of any kind.
  • One place to coordinate your delivery and assembly.
  • Free exchange of defective merchandise.
  • Choose 2 hour window.
  • You get IKEA family member discounts.
  • Next day service (when available).
  • Pay upon delivery.
I emailed them and got a 2 hour delivery window within the week. They came right within the window and were very efficient with delivering all of my items. I also wondered why my total cost for the furniture was cheaper - turns out that they bought it in NJ, so I paid NJ tax and not NYC tax (extra bonus!).
— Angie, Manhattan


Prepare your shopping list at ikea.com and send it to us.


We will calculate a flat rate quote for you.


Pick your delivery date.


We'll do the picking, delivery and (optionally) assembly.


You pay us upon delivery for the ikea products + service fee.