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Furniture Assembly Service in NYC

Furniture Assembly Service in NYC

Here at Perfect Assembly Inc we provide furniture assembly services in metro area of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens).

Some assembly required

Most of the furniture sold online comes in so called "flat-pack" boxes. It allows to save on shipping and handling costs but puts additional work of final assembly on the end user. In some cases the assembly is trivial, but an average dresser or wardrobe requires an hour or so of focused effort.

Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and more

We provide assembly services of many different brands of furniture from all major retailers. Typical products that require assembly are bedroom and living room furniture, office furniture, sport equipment and more.
We assemble furniture from Amazon.com
We assemble furniture from Wayfair.com
We assemble furniture from Overstock.com

Hire us with confidence:

  • We strive to provide exceptional service at competitive prices.
  • Get a guaranteed flat rate quote.
  • We provide 90-day warranty on all work.
  • We offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle.

Reliable Furniture Installation

Our team of experienced technicians has performed 100's of in-home installations of virtually every kind of wardrobes, sofas, dressers, beds, tv-units and drawers. Hire us with confidence, we guarantee that your furniture will be setup precisely and in a timely manner.
This was well worth it. Saved me the anxiety & worry of setting up the furniture / misplacing any essential tools / etc. Overall, my bed frame, desk, coat rack, and tall dresser were set up perfectly.
— Mark, Manhattan

It's not rocket science

Anyone can do it, but considering our very competitive prices and guaranteed work quality, Perfect Assembly can greatly simplify your furnishing project!

Your Quote

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