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Delivery from IKEA Brooklyn

Beat the Endless Crowds with Efficient Delivery from IKEA Brooklyn Store

Please inquire about our delivery availability from Brooklyn store in advance.

The IKEA Brooklyn store in Red Hook is ideally situated for Manhattanites — but with over 1 million visitors a year, it can be busy, and transporting your goods home complicated

When IKEA opened its Red Hook store in 2008, Manhattanites cheered. The vast store is second in size only to Macy’s on 34th Street. Not only this, it also offers a nearby convenient location to furnish apartments with contemporary furnishings at great prices.

But will over a million visitors annually — 1.3 million in 2015 alone — IKEA Brooklyn is packed with people every day of the week and twice over on weekends. More problematically, taking the water taxi from Pier 11 to Red Hook IKEA store leaves you with little option for carrying bulkier items back home.

Avoid the crowds and heavy lifting: stay at home!

Beat the crowds, get fast deliveries of what you want and even avoid having to figure out how to assemble your new flat-pack IKEA furniture with Perfect Assembly, all for one flat-rate fee that makes shopping at IKEA Brooklyn a painless experience.

For the past 5 years, our staff has assembled countless items from IKEA, all while providing a superior service: tired of waiting up to eight hours for IKEA deliveries and standoffish service?

Not only are our delivery windows just two hours, we work to your schedule and specifications, delivering what you want, when you want it. In short, we are dedicated to making your IKEA experience as smooth as possible by eliminating the typical complaints associated with the Brooklyn store branch.

Why IKEA Brooklyn over IKEA Elizabeth?

Savvy shoppers know that IKEA Elizabeth’s sales tax rate of just 3.5% represents big savings over IKEA Brooklyn’s rate of 8.875%, and also that the Elizabeth store is the largest IKEA in the tri-state area.

However, IKEA Brooklyn regularly has great deals on lines that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s always worth checking out offers in both stores before making a decision—and yes, Perfect Assembly delivers from both locations for your convenience! Please inquire about our delivery availability from Brooklyn store in advance.

Love IKEA, hate the shopping experience? Then it’s time to enjoy the best of IKEA without the pitfalls with our store-to-home delivery and assembly service. For one simple flat-rate fee, we will pick up your items and deliver them to your home on your schedule.

I had no idea a trip to IKEA could be this easy -- and this affordable. I kept looking for hidden costs, but there were none. Perfect Assembly was honest, affordable, prompt and reliable. I'm so impressed!
— Brooke, Long Island City

Save time and money while avoiding stress and contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote!