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BESTA Cabinet Installation

BESTÅ Cabinets Assembly & Wall Mounting

Hats off to IKEA and their über successful BESTÅ system.

BESTÅ utilizes modular approach which builds on interchangeable parts. The basic building block is a frame which can be complemented with doors, drawers, shelves and various add-ons.

With hundreds of suggested combinations you're guaranteed to find something that will catch your fancy. Want something unique? Try your hand at designing your own layout with BESTÅ Planner Tool.

BESTÅ System Components:

  • Floor standing or wall-mounted
  • Frames come in 8 sizes and 3 colors
  • 8 major styles: glass, textured, glossy or matte finish and more
  • Each style comes in several shades and colors
  • Plethora of different knobs and handles

IKEA makes the best furniture products in the world and they do it at affordable prices too. Fancy wall-mounted BESTÅ Media Center with VALVIKEN gray-turquose doors can easily compete with products from the high-end stores like Crate and Barrel, CB2 and West Elm. And it only costs a fraction.

The only problem? Sometimes the assembly of their products is so hard to do for the inexperienced user.

Take for example the BESTÅ Cabinet. It looks pretty easy to assemble right?

Yet many people do lots of things wrong.

From not knowing how deep some of the screws go to the biggest disaster of all - having your cabinet fall off the wall. It won’t look pretty if it comes crashing down when you least expect it or when you have guests visiting.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry ever again about those things.

Our assembly team consists of furniture veterans that have helped 100’s of houses look neat and beautiful.

We come to your house, unpack your furniture and bring it to life - all while you can relax, knowing that professionals work to make your home look great.

And the best benefit of all?

The end result in your apartment looks like the one you saw at the show room of IKEA. It happens when people are concerned that “it doesn’t exactly look like that” if the cabinets are assembled with various flaws here and there. Now you can prevent this from happening to you.

For in-depth buying options check out IKEA's BESTA System buying guide and if you have any questions regarding assembly of your project please feel free to contact us for a custom quote.