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IKEA Assembly and Delivery Service Rates

Service FLAT Rates

Why pay extra when you don’t have to? In keeping with our promise of affordable prices we only charge flat rates instead of making our customers incur a per-hour charge. We want you to know up front what the total charge will be. Eliminate the unknown by working with flat rates and professional service providers. If assembly takes longer then usual, or traffic is heavy, we don’t pass these costs on to our customers. Our prices are 100% transparent – no hidden fees, ever!

Assembly rates

We are always ready to provide you with a free flat rate quote. Send us your ikea shopping list or article numbers of the products and we will provide a guaranteed assembly quote. The minimum assembly call out service fee is $89.

What's wrong with assembly price based on the cost of the furniture?

The assembly fee should proportionally increase with the complexity of the furniture. The price of the furniture does not always correlate with the amount of labor required to assemble that piece of furniture. Charging percentage of the total cost of the furniture as the assembly fee is not always the correct way to estimate the assembly price. In order to get a better idea of time required for assembly of the product it's required to study the assembly manual beforehand.

IKEA Assembly Service Cost Estimate

* This list is only for estimation purposes and represents only partial list of most popular items at IKEA. Please contact us to get your free quote.

Delivery rates

The delivery fee starts at $129 to any of the 5 boroughs in New York City.
Order size Delivery cost
Small (up to $500, up to 10 items) $129
Average (up to $1000, up to 20 items) $179
Large (up to $1500, up to 30 items) $199
Larger orders $249+
NOTE: Tolls are included in the service price.

Return cost

We charge $99 flat fee for all returns plus 20% of the value of the merchandise that's being returned.  

Your Quote

Feel free to contact us today to get an accurate flat rate quote.