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Securing your furniture to the wall

When people assemble a piece of Ikea furniture they often forget about, or forgo, attaching it to the wall; it is often overlooked as an ‘optional’ feature and something that doesn’t really need to be done. If you’ve got children, pets, or have put it somewhere it’s likely to get leant on, then seemingly safe […]

Is the ceiling high enough for a PAX wardrobe?

PAX Wardrobe frames come in two different heights. The shorter one is 79 1/4" and the taller one is 93 1/8". Be sure to measure the ceiling height and choose a wardrobe that fits your space. The clearance between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling is 3" or more. The easy case. The […]

How to get your PDF shopping list at ikea.com

STEP 1 Go to the product page of the item that you want and click "Add to favorites". STEP 2 When you are done creating your shopping list, click "Shopping list" icon at the top of the page. STEP 3 Click "Available in-store" and select IKEA Elizabeth, NJ in the drop down menu. Click "Print". […]