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Why IKEA is a good choice.

If you’ve ever visited an IKEA store, you’ve probably walked out of there thinking, “What a cool place. I love the looks.” Indeed, IKEA is known for stylish and affordable furniture that can really liven up rooms while also being quite functional. There are several reasons why IKEA furniture is a good choice. Quality products […]

Tips for Moving IKEA Furniture

Sometimes you have to move your precious furniture around, either to a new apartment or, if you’re a landlord, to a new room. This isn’t just changing the angle of your bed to inject some new life into a bedroom, this is movement on a serious scale! Here are our top tips for moving around […]

What IKEA products do New Yorkers buy the most?

Here at Perfect Assembly, we’ve been taking care of IKEA delivery and shopping for a while and have discovered that there are certain products New Yorkers absolutely love. Over the past few years we’ve been collecting statistics on the shopping habits of our customers and think we’ve cracked the code for the perfect IKEA product. […]

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

What is a Certificate of Insurance? COI is a document that is issued by an insurance company for each moving job. This document lists companies and/or individuals that would be covered if the movers cause damage to the building or surroundings. Do I need a COI for my building? If you live in a high […]

Top 7 IKEA’s most hardest pieces to assemble

IKEA, you are loved by so many, but here’s the deal: some of your stuff is hard to assemble! That said, here are the Top 7 IKEA pieces that can cause much frustration: #7 HEMNES Dresser The HEMNES 8-drawer dresser looks great in a picture, but the picture-only assembly instructions show more than 40 steps […]